I encouraged my kids to call their lobster business Next Generation Lobster Co. so they could exploit the fact that they were kids who caught and sold their own lobsters. And it worked. They could sell 100% of their lobsters to friends, family, neighbors, and strangers this summer.

We do not have a robust next generation ready to take the helm, and many of the fishermen in Maine today are, well, getting old.

Why aren’t there more kids? Lots of reasons.

  1. Fishing is not considered a good business opportunity, which is, in fact, incorrect. Fishing, and learning to fish, is…

I prefer to say weed instead of marijuana but like a lot of somewhat contended industries framing is important and “weed” doesn’t sound as lovely or technical as “marijuana”. Dispensaries prefer words like cannabis, herbal medicine, and flowers. They tend to avoid using the word weed because it has a negative connotation. That being said, I feel like a character in Reefer Madness when I say marijuana. It’s like saying “the pot” or doobies.

I think doobies is a dumb word.

The fact that even having to think about how to frame language around marijuana, or how dispensaries market it…

Ask any good Mainer how to cook a lobster and they will tell you, “Cook it till it’s done.” Us Mainers tend to have a sarcastic, dry, honest sense of humor, especially Maine lobstermen.

But when you really push for cooking instructions regarding our most famous crustacean, you’ll find that us Mainers, well, we’re not all on the same page.

Tradition & Sustainability

According to the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, “Maine Lobster is one of the oldest continuously operated industries in North America, with the first documented catch dating back to English settlers in the 1600s.” …

Selling direct to consumer is temporary but buying local should continue

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You know Dave Marciano from National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna. (And I’ve written about him before): To most of us in New England, he’s just a decent guy who goes tuna fishing and happens to be on TV.

An open letter to people who live on the coast or eat lobster or like seafood or don’t know much about fishing or love the ocean or enjoy beautiful water views or maybe who aren’t paying attention at all:

You need to know something.

Me, and a lot of other people that depend on the ocean and fishing for their livelihoods, are wicked scared right now. Perhaps that sounds dramatic but, honestly, I’m not sure how else to describe it. Every day something new comes at the fishing industry, threatening to alter it in such a way that it hints…

First of all, I should admit that I’m super biased about this because I’m married to a commercial fisherman.

I hunt for articles about seafood and fishing every time I visit a food-centric website for the first time. There’s usually a couple of articles about sustainable seafood, one or two about aquaculture, maybe something about commercial fishing — but it’s usually pretty negative. There is always a large section dedicated to agriculture, and even better, there’s usually an entire category dedicated just to farmers. Lucky ducks. Or as we say here in Maine, “Must be nice.”

Even Heated, dedicated to…

Corned hake is an old-timey recipe that many fishing families along the coast of Maine know and love. And like a lot of regional or family recipes, everyone has their own tricks and ways of making it. I was introduced to corned hake by my husband, a Maine lobsterman. I love the flavor grouping of both the traditional recipe, as well as messing around with other flavor combinations. The traditional corned hake recipe is basically: corned hake (salted fish), boiled potatoes, bacon or salt pork, fat renderings from the pork, and pickled onions.

The original recipe was created because people…

Monique Coombs

Lives on Orr’s Island. Married to a commercial fisherman. Works for the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association. Writes on AragostaMama.com. Eats a lot of seafood.

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